That's what they're doing in China.  We better get on the stick!  We're falling behind again.  When you're stuck in traffic on the way to work, how can you be productive?  You need to get there.  So why not hire someone to sit in your car and pull their hair out, while you are scooted away on a motorcycle to your destination?

According to Yahoo News:

Huang  (owner) said he began offering the service last year after receiving a number of calls from desperate motorists, the report said. The service is also available in the eastern city of Jinan, where drivers can pay more than 400 yuan ($60) to escape a traffic jam, the report said.

I bet you there are people who sit every morning at the Twin Bridges, on 787, I90, and the like here in the Capital Region who would jump on this service in a heartbeat.  So if there is anyone with a motorcycle who would like to volunteer their services, we can offer this as part of a service to our listeners here at the Sean and Richie Show. Again, there would be no pay involved, but what you would be doing for the community would be priceless. (Nice try Richie, nice try)