A family in the Country Knolls neighborhood in Clifton Park is so upset that someone had the nerve to come onto their lawn and steal one of their most loved Halloween decorations. They are hoping that getting the word out will help bring it home. This is Ashley and John Armitage's 8 foot inflatable dragon they named Blaze.

Ashley Armitage, Facebook, Chrissy Cavotta
Ashley Armitage, Facebook, Chrissy Cavotta

Blaze was set up on their lawn for the Halloween season along with a giant inflatable spider. Their decorations were put up to entertain the kids in their neighborhood and can't understand why someone would steal it. The spider wasn't touched but Blaze is gone.

Blaze was a big hit in the neighborhood. Kids would come pet him, take pictures with him and watch his wings flap. Ashley told me that she and her husband went out around 8 on Wednesday night and when they returned around 10:30, Blaze was missing. She thinks the ones who stole him scouted out their house and waited until they left to take him.

Late last night (Thursday), Ashley posted to her Facebook that a very generous person anonymously gave them a new dragon to display. She said "we have had faith in humanity restored as a very generous person anonymously gave us a new dragon. We are so lucky that we have such a great community even in times when we think all is lost. Always know that there is still good in this world". They are still hoping that whoever stole Blaze will still do the right thing and return him.

Local authorities have been contacted and are investigating. It's so sad that someone would ruin Halloween for an entire community of kids.

If you have any information please call 518-331-7870.

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