There is another program offered by New York state that will help if you are unable to pay your rent after being laid off because of the coronavirus pandemic. Here are the details on how to apply and if your household is eligible. According to, Governor Cuomo has established a COVID-19 rental assistance program for those who rent across New York state. The program is part of the CARES Act and the rent relief program is funded through the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

In an effort to help out low-income tenants who lost their jobs and income during the coronavirus pandemic, the program will pay eligible households a one-time rental amount which will be paid right to the landlord.

This subsidy applies to those who rent apartments, single-family homes, manufactured home lots, and manufactured homes. These New York state tenants are no required to pay back the funds.

There are some guidelines in order to receive rental relief. Your primary residency must be in New York state. There is a certain household income that you must qualify for in order to receive the rental relief. If you are applying, you must have lost income between April 1, 2020, and July 31, 2020. To see the complete guidelines to qualify click HERE.

The state will rank households with the greatest social and economic need. All factors will be taken into account including income, risk of homelessness, percent of ncome lost, and burden of rent payments. You will be able to apply for up to four months of rental assistance per household from April through July.

You can apply now by clicking HERE.

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