There were two burglaries early Saturday morning and police and business owners need your help to catch the criminals.Police think the person who robbed Cocadotts Cake Shop may have also been involved in another robbery that happened in the early morning hours on Saturday. Rachel and her husband Lucas who just celebrated their ten year anniversary of the bakery this month, have surveillance that they say may hold major clues.

The suspect apparently rode to the crime on a bicycle and then smashed in the back window of Cocadotts before making off with an unknown amount of money. They also said that the burglar appeared to have tied up an apron that he was wearing according to the video which could be a solid clue. Also, the couple believes that the suspect probably works in the food industry as a chef or cook because of how they grabbed the apron and tied it in the way they did.

Their cake shop wasn't the only business that was hit. About an hour before, the CiCi's Pizza in Colonie was also robbed. Police are looking into if that robbery was just a coincidence.

If you have any information about this robbery or you can identify the person in the surveillance video, you are asked to contact Colonie police 518.783.2744.



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