If you have ever owned a pet and they go missing, it is not only nerve-wracking but very disheartening. You do whatever it takes to try and bring that animal back home. There is a family in Fort Plain that is hoping someone will have information to bring their beloved horse home.

When Did The Horse Go Missing?

According to Carla Locatelli's Facebook page, she alerted social media that her horse Sage was missing. The beautiful Appaloosa that she and Thomas Dorch own was last seen at 9 pm on November 9th on Copperknoll Road.

google maps
google maps

They say that they fed Sage breakfast that morning at 7 am and had dinner at 4 pm.

What Do The Owners Think Happened to Sage?

They think that Sage didn't just wander off because "there is no fence break or bushes down around the corral." Also, Carla Locatelli spoke to News Channel 13 and said that they noticed there were no hoof marks in the frost the next morning which leads them to believe she was taken. There weren't any signs of Sage breaking out.

Carla Locatelli's Facebook page
Carla Locatelli's Facebook page

Police Have Been Notified

Locatelli and Dorch said they contacted the police but are concerned because it has been a few days. They are pleading for her safe return. They feel as if someone knows something.

Carla said:

All I know is we want her safe and sound and back where she belongs.

If you have any information, you are asked to reach out to the Fort Plain/Johnstown police.

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