Halloween is oddly enough one of the most difficult holidays for me for some reason. I can get creative in every other aspect of anything. But coming up with a costume idea and pulling it off ain't easy!

Being in this profession, too, makes it even more difficult. A lot of my career I've had to be out somewhere around Halloween to host a party. You don't want anything too crazy, too big, too uncomfortable, too time consuming, etc. It needs to be "just right."

So, when brainstorming the last couple of weeks I knew I wanted something that

  • didn't really require me to go out and buy anything
  • something that screamed "Marissa: 2016"
  • something that was comfortable for work and trivia that I host Mondays

I started thinking of stuff I've done in 2016: lots around the house, my love of basketball keeps growing, I've binge-watched a lot of TV shows, I've had a lot of fun with family and friends, I've worked a lot...and when I really thought about 2016, it kept coming back to the same thing: Work. Not just work but really "life."

My year started off with a budget cut that brought me here to GNA. It was one of the smoothest transitions anyone could have asked for and quite honestly it felt like "home" from the moment I started. I was welcomed with open arms not just from the co-workers (now my work "family") but from everyone that tunes in on the regular and it's been so heartwarming each and every day to be a part of something so special.

So, I ran with it. I grabbed my cowgirl hat, my flannel with a little lace, ripped up jeans, boots, heck even a toy gun (don't ask why I had that in my kidless home.) I dove into the country world head first in 2016, so I dove into Halloween the same way!

Marissa Halloween 2016 Cowgirl credit: Marissa

I hope you and yours have a wonderful time celebrating and get all the good candies and none of the crap this year! Happy Halloween!

Halloween Party credit Marissa