You don't see or hear about this very often - normally our big NY Lottery winners from the Capital Region buy their tickets from Stewart's, or Cumberland Farms, not a tiny little convenience store on Lark Street in Albany.

But that's what happened recently - and by Take 5 standards, this is as big of a Grand Prize jackpot as you'll ever see.

The winning numbers from the evening drawing of Take 5 from the New York Lottery on December 13 were 4, 7, 10, 13, and 22.  According to the NY Lottery, there was one winner from that drawing and the Grand Prize jackpot was a beefy $36K!

The winning ticket was purchased at 218 Lark Street, a place called Lark Central Market in the heart of Center Square Albany - literally across the street from where I live.

Photo: Google Maps
Lark Central Market in Albany had a 36K grand prize Take 5 winner on Tuesday!

You may know this little bodega - it's right next to Rocco's Laundromat and the place I frequent when I need some snacks and don't feel like driving or just being really lazy.

I was in that store on Tuesday, but unfortunately not to play Take 5 from the NY Lottery.

How likely is it to hit a grand prize when playing Take 5?

It's no easy feat - says the odds of winning the Take 5 first prize jackpot in New York are one in 575,757.

You choose five numbers from 1 to 39 to play New York Take Five.  Each game is $1 to play and drawings are held every day.

The Capital Region has had its share of big-time fistfuls of cash within the last year or so from the New York State Lottery.

In October, Albany had a Take 5 grand prize winner from a local Stewart's Shop.

In September of 2022, someone nabbed nearly 18K playing Take 5 at Stewart's in Saratoga County!

Back in September 2021, there was a $23,892.50 Take 5 winner who bought a lucky ticket in Mechanicville.

Last January, a scratch-off called "Make My Year" was sold at the Cumberland Farms in Glens Falls.  It was a 2.5 million dollar hit for one lucky Capital Region native.

Back in February of 2020, there was a million-dollar scratch-off winner sold at a Stewart's in Gloversville and that was from a game called "Make My Month."  And Of course, the granddaddy of them all;  back in September 2020,  a 95 million dollar Powerball winning jackpot ticket was sold in Saratoga County.

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