I'm starting a new feature here as of tonite. We at the Sean and Richie Show get inundated with stupid news items.  We do a feature every day called "Stupid News", but we can only feature a couple of stories due to time constraints.  Many go into the circular file, which is stupid in it's own right.  So for the sake of the enviornment and a few giggles, I present the Sean and Richie Stupid News Extra. Here's the first installment:

According to TheFrisky.com, there was a high school senior from Dallas, Texas who was hurt in a motorcycle crash.  (This is the serious part, because it was almost fatal. I  guess he's recovering, thank God).  But the stupid part is this, according to the article:

Ben Ross wanted to go to prom in the Oscar Mayer Wienernobile. He may have been kidding, but mothers tend to take those things kind of seriously when their children survive a near-fatal accident.

You can read the story if you wish.  But I'll spoil the ending.  Ben and his date  got their wish! Here is a shot from WFAA TV's website in Fort Worth, Texas

Weinermobile WFAA TV

Now this is a great one for a first installment, don't you think?  Nice story with a happy ending.  How many of these stupid news stories involve some derelict criminal who robs a convenient store, ,steals a Honda Accord , driving it  thru a neighbor's living room accidentally,  and causing $50,000 worth of property damage?  Who wants to hear about THAT?  (you do, of course.  I'll have that story in a couple of days!!)  Meanwhile, if you'd like to learn more about the Weinermobile, watch the video below.  Man, do I know how to waste your valuable time or what?


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