It's prom season and here come the promposals. You know, those viral high school videos where typically, a popular person asks someone less popular to go to the prom with them.  It's usually met with lots of applause, cheers, sometimes tears and almost always, it's video taped. And dare I say, cringeworthy. While I'm all about the good vibes that the promposal is intended for, why must these events be filmed? I can't be the only one who wants to appreciate them, only to find them really obnoxious.
More often than not, the videos I've seen come off as more about making an already popular kid look even better. It's as if they're saying:
Yes I'm handsome and can throw a football really far, but look at how kind and sweet I am as well!  I'm even willing to forego my senior prom and a date with the prettiest girl in school, by allowing this less fortunate person one night they'll never forget, with you guessed it....ME!
Forgive me if I seem pessimistic about something that by in large, appears to be harmless.  The truth is, the most rewarding acts in life I've ever been a part of are done when no one's watching.
So go on, and ask that special someone to the prom; you may indeed make their day, year, or heck, maybe even their life.  Even if it doesn't go viral.

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