'Tis the season to get married.   Many wedding shows going on in and around the Capital Region trying to sell their "wares".  Photographers, caterers, florists etc.  I can't help you there, but  once you have made your DJ decision I might just have few tips for you about planning your music choices. You might be surprised here about what I'm about to say, but here we go -

1.  Don't give the DJ an overly extensive  list of general dance songs that YOU and YOU alone like.   I know, it's your day.  That's true, but think about it here.  The caterer doesn't bring just roast beef just because he/she likes it.  You have to bring all kinds of food for all kinds of tastes.  Let the DJ do the same.  Of course, there are exceptions...

2. Do make your first dance any song you darn well please!  Now that SHOULD be your choice. So is the dance with parents, and any special requests you might have for certain individuals.  You can also play some personal songs during the dinner hour.  That way you can hear them but it doesn't slow down the dancing later.

3.  Don't stray too much from the traditional moments that people expect. They want to see the first dance, parent dances AND , believe it or not, the cake cutting.  And speaking of the cake , make sure there's a piece of music to go with that part of the wedding.  It draws attention to it to make sure folks don't miss

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4. This goes with #1, but give the DJ a massive list of songs that you "don't want him to play, no matter what".         Yes, I mean the Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide, The Twist -- all those.  Because I guarantee that people           are still going to  request them, and if the DJ constantly has to explain that he's "not allowed to play those            songs", both he AND you will look like big time party poopers.

5.  (Hope the boss isn't reading this one).   Almost ANY slow country song will get alot of people up dancing.          But very few fast songs will.  So don't give him a huge list of those to play either.  Unless you have alot of               seasoned line dancers, the crowd won't know what to do!

6.  Don't forget the very old and the very young in the room.  Give them their songs too!

Ok, I'm done.  I could actually go on and on here, but I'll let you go now!  Hope this was a help.   Good luck with your special day!

PS.  Don't exchange wedding vows this way.  You might not make it to the honeymoon!

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