Relationships can be hard as it is but does being in a relationship with someone less attractive than you, allow you to cheat? This woman seems to think so.

According to Julia Stephenson of the Daily Mail, she cheated on her husband for a really great reason (in her opinion) - she was the more attractive one in the relationship.

Credit: Hongqi Zhang/Thinkstock

She was married to her first husband in 1989 and after 18 months, she cheated because, as she said, "The more offers I got, the more convinced I became that the grass really was greener on the other side." Only 18 months in and she's decided that she's already that much more attractive than her partner? How much did his appearance change in that short period of time?

I understand that times change, looks change, and sure, after some time you may not be physically attracted to your partner anymore. To blame the issues in your relationship on the fact that you're that much more attractive than your partner, though, does that happen? How do you feel about this woman? Do you think she has a good reason to cheat?

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