This is just a beautiful story topped off by a very short moment caught on video that was 62 years in the making.

YouTube Image, Anita and Wolfram
YouTube Image, Anita and Wolfram

The couple are Anita and Wolfram and they have been married for 62 years. Wolfram is 83 and Anita is 81. Around 9 months ago the couple were separated and forced to live in different nursing homes because Wolfram,, who has dementia needed a different level of care than Anita.

Enter the power of social media.

Last month their Grand-daughter posted a photo of the couple crying when they got to visit each other and it went viral. The Canadian government then found them a nursing home where they can both live together.

The whole story brought to my mind the extremely powerful song by Kathy Mattea, "Where've You Been and I couldn't help but be touched by their getting to be reunited. Luckily someone got it on video and we can all catch for a moment what real, true and timeless love looks like.

I also can't resist this opportunity to share again one of the greatest country songs of all time. Check out Kathy Mattea and "Where've You Been" (Warning: Have a tissue ready.)



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