The end of summer is here and it is time to load up on those carbs! Here's how you can score a Never Ending Pasta Pass for Olive Garden.

It's called the Never Ending Pasta Pass and if you love pasta and the Olive Garden. This is a must have!

Starting tomorrow at 2pm, you can purchase an 8 week or 52 week pass good for never ending pasta from the Olive Garden's 'Never Ending Pasta Bowl' menu. If you posses one of these cards they are also good for unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks!

The 8 week versions costs $100 + tax, the 52 week version $300 + tax. You need to be ready to act quickly though at 2pm Thursday: nationally only 23,000 of the 8 week and 1,000 of the 52 week cards will be available. Olive Garden has sold the passes the last few years and they have sold out in the blink of any eye.

Unlimited pasta and breadsticks? I could eat at the Olive Garden for 3 meals a day!

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