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4 Reasons Why You're Staying Fat in 2019 [LIST]
With the start of 2019, everyone tends to jump on the "New Year, New Me" trend. Every year, this is the year things are going to be different, or so you think. Here are four reasons why we're going to stay fat in 2019.
Junk Food Update: Are You Into These 5 New Treats?
I gave Sean this junk food run down this morning and he only voted "Yea" to one of these new tasty treats that are coming to a store or restaurant near you this summer.  How many of them sound good to you?
1. SPAGHETTI PIE - Olive Garden  It looks like a big slice of chees…
Clifton Park Olive Garden Not Welcome?
Last year, when I found out there would be an Olive Garden in Clifton Park, I was so excited. Not that it’s a long drive, but I wouldn’t have to go to Wolf Road for the Olive Garden anymore, nor would I have to tell my Son “no” when he ask…
Best Restaurants for A First Date
There have been any times a friend of mine has had a first date set on their calendar, but can't decide where to go out to dinner.  Of course there are many factors that are taken into account for a first date.  While it's important for the food to be great tasting, ser…