I've become really interested lately in small dogs.  I used to laff at them (and their owners, whom I thought were wimps for having them!).  Now we've joined that esteemed group, and there's no turning back.  Our Pekingese is shrimpy, but nothing like this dog!

First I'll show you ours.  His name is Spencer.  We named him after the little wind up dogs you see in Spencer Gifts stores.

Best animal we've ever had - and highly portable too!   We actually got him from a couple  who had 13 of them.  I think she still has most of them, and if they're anything like this one, I can understand why.  Yes, he's very height impaired, but not like the dog you are about to see.  This itty bitty Yorkie is going into the Guinness Book Of World Records, according to NBC Philadelphia.com and this YouTube video.


Incredible, huh?  Would you adopt a dog like this, or are you a big dog person?  What breed to you think is the best to have?  Would love to know!  Leave your comments on the end of this blog