Tonight, hopefully it won’t be too cloudy and we can check out ‘supermoon 2012,’  no matter where you are in the Albany area.

According to NASA’s website, it’s called the perigee moon. When you see the full moon, it will appear to be 14 percent brighter than when we see the moon on other nights. It’s supposed to be closest to the earth.

I checked out another story about it on Astronomers claim that the moon will come within 221,802 miles of earth, at 11:35 p.m. We had an official supermoon last year on the first day of spring. I remember how bright the moon was, watching from my backyard in Colonie.

If you read my story about the last supermoon, there were only these supermoons in 1955, 19774, 1992 and 2005. I’m not quite sure if ‘supermoon 2012’ will be qualified for history, like the other ones were. If it is, then this will be a first for a ‘supermoon’ two years in a row. Hopefully we can see it wherever you are.