After what seemed to be an extremely long winter, we're finally ready to welcome spring, technically called the Vernal Equinox. Now this doesn't mean we're through with cold weather yet. 

The official time for spring to start will be at 7:21 p.m., Sunday March 20. In addition to a change of  season there will be something pretty unique. On Saturday night, we may be able to see what is being called an extreme SuperMoon. What makes this particular moon so special is that when we see it, it will look larger than usual, because it will be closer to earth. This will be the closest and largest full Moon in nearly 20 years.

These SuperMoons are rare and usually only occur about every 20 years. So break out the lawn chairs, grab a blanket and a warm beverage, and get ready to be mooned.

It is believed by many that the SuperMoon is the cause of strong earthquakes and/or storms as well as unusual climate patterns to the planet. According to an story from,  it says that "in history, there were Super (full) Moons in 1955, 1974, 1992, and 2005. All of this years had their share of extreme weather." I'm not sure how I feel about the moon affecting the weather. Do you think it has or it will effect it? Tell us your theory in a comment below.