Amazon Prime announced that they will be increasing their rates to $119 a year. But there are a few ways that you can get around the increase.According to the Daily Gazette, here are a few ways you can avoid the twenty percent rate increase for Amazon Prime.

1. With Amazon, they offer a monthly membership too. So if you don't want to do the annual membership you can do the monthly one for $12.99 and if you are a student, it will be $6.49 per month.

2. Speaking of students, if you are one with a .edu email address, you are eligible for a half-price membership for up to four years. Prime Student will go up $10 to $59 per month and include special discounts on snacks and school supplies. Students can also qualify for a free six month trial.

3. You can also just share with a friend or family member. Before we decided if Amazon Prime was for us, Jenn used her sister's account. It is legal to do this. You can share with one other adult through the Amazon Household feature.

There are a few more tips listed in the article to help you avoid the increase.

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