We see our first president's head all over the place; dollar bills, quarters etc., but this find was head and shoulders above the rest when it was discovered at Union College in Schenectady recently.  Amazingly, strands of hair belonging to George Washington turned up inside a leather-bound almanac from 1793.

According to the New York Post , the book originally belonged to Philip J. Schuyler, the son of Gen. Philip Schuyler, a wealthy New York senator who served in the Revolutionary War and was the father-in-law of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.

But there was something hidden away inside an envelope tucked between the book’s pages: a lock of hair belonging to George Washington. He was President Washington at the time, and according to Union College, it wasn’t uncommon for his colleagues and close friends to be given strands of his hair.  It was discovered by an archivist surveying some of the school’s collections in December.

Wondering what lucky historian will stumble upon some leather-bound books from 2018 and find locks of love belonging to Donald J Trump's presidential mop?

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