This 80s Hairstyle Is Coming Back...WHY?!
I grew up in the 1980s and it was a pretty cool time to be a kid. However, my mom was a hairdresser so my sisters and I always had the latest hairstyles. When I heard this one was coming back, I couldn't help but ask, "Why?!".
George Washington's Hair Discovered At Union College Library
We see our first president's head all over the place; dollar bills, quarters etc., but this find was head and shoulders above the rest when it was discovered at Union College in Schenectady recently.  Amazingly, strands of hair belonging to George Washington turned up inside a leather-boun…
Get Your Hair Done at the Same Salons as the Country Stars
Heading to Nashville any time soon?  Did you know that you can get your hair done by one of the really talented... and expensive hair experts that your favorite country stars may go to?
A lot of the hair dressers to the stars work at places in Nashville that regular civilian people can visit...
PSL Nope
All the foods are pumpkin spice now.  All of THEM!!!!
Recently I have seen pumpkin spice cheese, yogurt, chocolate, waffles, pop-tarts, hummus, cream cheese, almonds, butter, Peeps, and of course, coffee, beer, and all that.
There are the pumpkin spice non-edibles, like dish soap, condoms, body l…
Locks Chopped
He's definitely known for his beautiful mane, so fans are having mixed reactions to this picture posted on Twitter yesterday!
Keith Urban got a hair cut!  But he didn't post a follow up photo!  Unfortunately we have no idea what the "after" shot looks like...
Girls, We Spend Too Much Time and Money On Our Looks
I was reading a magazine last week that said women spend, on average, 252 hours a year "getting ready" to go places! In comparison, men spend about 30. Thirty hours! Total!  We really must be crazy!
Then, I come to work today and read an article about how much money women spend…

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