I was driving into the radio station the other morning passing the Lark Street establishments that I normally see each day when something unusual caught my eye.  This was a departure from the regular pizza and calzone places or little convenience stores that normally make up my morning commute.

This new place had bright pink and yellow decor, and a nerdy-looking hamburger dude for a  logo, and I said out loud (to nobody), "Okay...I can get down with this!"

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I don't have anything against the pizza places, coffee shops, and endless stream of Thai restaurants that seem to open up on Lark Street, but this place actually seemed like a refreshing departure from the Lark Street norm.

Nicholas Warchol, one of the owners of the new "Herbies Burgers" located at 196 Lark Street, says that the menu will be pretty simple. "Just burgers, fries, and shakes...and then vegan burgers, fries, and shakes," he said.

On their website, which at the time of this post didn't have an actual menu,  Herbies describe their tasty food as "LA style grass-fed double cheeseburgers and double vegan burgers."

Warchol, who is also part owner of DP Dough and Post on Lark Street, is looking to sometime in the next 3-4 weeks as their target opening date, open daily from 11 AM- 2 AM. 

The logo, according to Warchol is named Herbie, he's "a burger and he’s a nerd, or as some may say a Herb. Hence his name, Herbie."

Photo: HerbiesBurgers.com
Photo: HerbiesBurgers.com

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