Flying This Summer? Tips For Easier Travel
There is nothing like taking a well deserved vacation. But it is sometimes hard to keep up with all of the rules that you need to follow while going through airport security. Here's a reminder and a few tips to make your airport visit easier.
What’s Your Price?
Flying home yesterday we were waiting in the Atlanta airport for our connecting flight to Albany and over the loud speaker, the nice woman at Delta asked for our assistance.
I’ve Got To Travel More
Traveling has never been my thing. Realistically the only place I have traveled (by plane) has been to Disney in the last few years. But this trip to Nashville has really opened my eyes to the cities and towns across the country that I have yet to experience.
Flying? You Could Be Bumped Next
About to book that next vacation, or worse, already have your plane tickets for a future flight? Worried about your next flight being overbooked?  Knowing the secret airline rules of being bloodied err bumped is key.
Pet Peeves About Packing For A Trip
I'm trying to write this blog in the midst of packing for our trip to Turks and Caicos. I'm sure we will be sending back some really nice photos to promote this beautiful location. But in the meantime, I am pulling the rest of my hair out, because I hate packing. Here are my top packing pe…
This Website Will Make Your Excited and Terrified!
My husband said to me last night "Babe, type in Flight trader 24 into Google." So I did...
It's a website that tracks every single flight that is in the air right now.
I have a hard time imagining just how many flights are in the sky at any given moment, but this site lays it al…
The Secret To Getting Great Airline Seats [VIDEO]
Lots of folks are traveling this time of year - not only by car, but by use of the increasingly annoying airlines.  As if going through security isn't painful enough, there's always the fun of trying to find a seat that doesn't cut off blood flow to your arms and legs.  But …