It didn't really feel like fall until the first day of October.The weather seemed to immediately change. Last week, it was 80 degrees and muggy. This week, we're waking up to 40 degree days, with a some wind. So this brought to mind some things to do as we really move into the autumn season.


1) Leaves

Autumn Color
Scott Barbour/Getty Images


After raking them, having the kids jump into the piles of leaves. Don't forget about checking out the fall foliage.

2) Pumpkin Picking

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Going to get your pumpkin and all those fresh veggies at the Albany area farm stands.

3) Apple Picking

Apple Harvest
Miguel Villagran/Getty Images

This could go hand in hand with pumpkin picking, some include apple festivals.

4) Decorate for Halloween

Halloween Decorations Begin Going Up
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

After you go pumpkin picking, make that jack-o-lantern and also put up some of that great Halloween decor.

5) Plan for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner
Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images


I hate to say it, but it Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Never to early to start planning on who's coming to dinner. Some people like to volunteer at charity Thanksgiving dinners, like Equinox in Albany.

Do you have any things that you do for the fall season?


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