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Kids Don't Think 'Bubba Teeth' Are Funny? (VIDEO)
The other day I bought those gnarly fake teeth, a.k.a 'bubba' teeth, you see in the costume store. I figured it would be fun to wear them while acting silly and joking around with my 3-year-old Brody. I thought it was funny - I'm smiling just thinking about it - but he hated it.  My mom and dad used…
It's Apple Picking Season!
Can you believe it? It is already September! To some, it's all about the chilly weather, the Pumpkin Spice and the changing of the leaves! To me, it's all about apple picking! That is the one thing I always look forward to as summer is winding down.
What Are You Going to do With Those Apples You Picked?
It's an honest question - what ARE you going to do with all of those apples?
It's definitely a good time hitting the orchards and finding just the perfect one to pluck from the trees. Putting them into your bag and finding the next and then the next. By the time you get home you're overwhelmed and wo…
Top-5 Apple Ideas: Apple Picking Overload
It's apple picking season!  Here are my top-5 ideas on how to eat all those apples you picked!
This weekend, Caden went apple picking with his grandparents and cousins.  He came home with so many apples, we don't know what to do with them all...
Apple Picking On The Perfect Fall Day
Early today my daughter Ella and I were being bums so I decided to get moving and Goold Orchard seemed like the perfect place to go. When I asked Ella "Do you want to go apple picking?" I was met with "NOW?!" and a rush of wind as she got ready.
Five Autumn Things To Do In The Albany Area
It didn't really feel like fall until the first day of October.The weather seemed to immediately change. Last week, it was 80 degrees and muggy. This week, we're waking up to 40 degree days, with a some wind. So this brought to mind some things to do as we really move into the autumn seaso…

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