This is the time of year a lot of us like to take that little drive and go to a farm stand and get our pumpkins and fresh vegetables.

Barbers Farm

A great place to head to is the Schoharie Valley. There's been a slight problem. It's name was "Irene." But this is a little different. There's a farm in Middleburgh that's open for business, but the problem is there's a road closed sign on Route 30 right near Barber's Farm. The sign will be there until October 7, but you can still drive past it to the Barber's Farm and a couple of others.

Barbers Farm - Middleburgh

Something to keep in mind is these are our neighbors and this is their livelihood. This would help bring in some much needed money for the local economy. These people are definitely looking forward to a pretty good fall season. Do you have a local farm that you go to every year?

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