Finding the perfect pumpkin is important.

It has to be the perfect shape, size, orange-ness --- wait, is that a thing? Sure it is!

I seem to have the same problem every year when it comes to finding my pumpkins for carving: I never know where to go.

I've tried to go to these random pumpkin "patches" that pop up in open fields around the Capital Region but they're always so overpriced and not exactly up to my standards to boot!

That's why I was so excited when I found an article that lists the 10 Pumpkin Patches In New York that you need to visit.

The pictures within the article honestly make me want to go to every single one of them but I don't know if I could possibly have time for that! The one I do think I'll be making my way to is right in Saratoga Springs called Sunnyside Gardens.

In fact, this Saturday, September 24th is the Saratoga Giant Pumpkinfest! A perfect day for the family in which there will be rides for the kids starting at 10am. They do focus on a family experience, so if you're looking for a less scary version of the Halloween season this is the place to go - no blood, guts or gore! Just a good ol' family fun time!

Halloween Preparation At A Pumpkin Farm
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