A large fight that happened last night at Crossgates  Mall has led to multiple arrests and injuries.  Two local police officers were injured in the scuffle and officials today are sorting through the melee to see exactly who and what led to the outburst.

According to the Daily Gazette, the incident began around 11pm on Saturday night while an event was taking place at 'Get Air Trampoline Park' at Crossgates.  The Gazette is reporting that as many as 400 people were at this particular event and that's when people, according to the story, started to become rowdy.

Just before 11pm, the Gazette states that a fight broke out between 'several females' and when cops showed up to break up the fracas, some of the people in attendance assaulted two of the local police officers.  More than a dozen total police agencies from all over the area responded to the call.

The Daily Gazette is reporting that the two people arrested were both juveniles and their ages were not released.



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