It has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. It probably feels like your world is ending, crumbling. Someone has taken the life of your child. Your baby, no matter their age, taken unnaturally by the hands of another person. Now it's their day in court and your day to face them.

An Ohio sex offender was sentenced Thursday for the murder of three people and wrapping the bodies in garbage bags. One of those people, Shirellda Terry was just 18 year-old when her life was taken. Her father appeared in court to speak at the sentencing, Thursday, where the convicted murderer, Michael Madison allegedly smirked at the father after he spoke. From there, the father lunged at Madison which you can see in the video below.

I can actually feel his rage. I felt it even before watching the video and just reading what had happened to his daughter. It's hard to put myself in his shoes, it's a situation I've never experienced nor do I have children, but I have to believe anyone feels something with this story. Would you have lunged as well? What are your thoughts on the video below? I've got to give the dad credit, he got some serious air in his jump.

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