This is the kind of family you want to hang out with - unfiltered, self-deprecating, and wildly fun!

Shout out to the Logan family from Canojahrie who spent a few episodes battling other families on CW's Family Feud, and they didn't disappoint.  But, have we seen the last of them?

Photo: Kamille Fowler Logan Facebook
Photo: Kamille Fowler Logan Facebook

Picked to compete on the show from the area were parents Vinnie and Kamille, along with their 3 daughters, Kelsey, 29, and twins Ariannah and Jordyn, 25.

If you watched Monday and Tuesday on the CW, you saw the wild crew win on Monday but (SPOILER ALERT) they didn't win on Tuesday's show.

Normally, when a family loses, they say their goodbyes, and Steve Harvey and company usher in a new family, and yes, that will happen. But according to mom, Kamille, even though the family from Upstate NY lost, we haven't seen the last of them.

Immediately after falling to the Hoggs family in the episode seen on Tuesday, the Logans got some pretty exciting news that she posted on her Facebook page. 

Steve Harvey reacts as the Logan family competes on the Family Feud
Steve Harvey reacts as the Logan family competes on the Family Feud


"So if you’re watching, you’re probably wondering “how are they on again Friday, they lost?”
We sure did lose! We didn’t even have time to digest the loss.
The producer raced up on the stage and asked us to stay and play again tomorrow. She said “we never know what’s going to come out of your mouths, you’re so fun!”… How could we say no?!? Lol"

In a rare twist, the Logan family got invited back to play on the Family Feud following a loss - something that only happens a handful of times each year, and we think we know the reason why: they're fun, funny, and totally unpredictable.

Kamille told us that following the loss, producers of the show asked them to return to the show immediately telling them, “you guys aren’t extraordinary, you're extra extraordinary!”  And who could argue with them?

Check out these now-viral clips posted by the Family Feud, highlighting a few Logan-family moments we won't soon forget, and watch the family again on Friday at 6 pm on the CW, channel 15 here locally.

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