I don't know about you, but I must have a "Hear's a Potential Extended Warrantee Sucker" written on my forehead whenever I go into a store.  I DESPISE it when they badger you into buying one of these things, don't you? They always make you worry-saying things like "could you imagine if your doberman made a chew toy  out of your brand new  mp3 player you just bought?"     It makes me paranoid--especially since  I don't even own a doberman!!!

So are they worth it when the manufacturer already offers a standard warrantee?  Aren't you buying double coverage for the same item?  Well, you MIGHT want to think twice according to ABOUT.com: They say:

The first year might seem like you're paying for two services but only getting the protection from one. So, why not just start the extended warranty after the manufacturer's warranty expires?

..... it's one of the downsides to buying the extended warranty while still under a manufacturer's warranty. However, extended warranties tend to pick up the slack for manufacturer's warranties, and they're a lot more customer-focused than a typical manufacturer's warranty.

Hmmmmmm....  so what did we learn here?  Maybe they ARE worth it???  Darn.  I might have to rewrite this parody.....

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