Brian and Chrissy in the Morning on GNA want to help plan something special for you and your significant other this Valentine's Day. The package includes food, frillies and a special customized song written specifically for you and your Valentine. Here's how you can enter to win Brian and Chrissy's Valen-Rhymes Romance Package.

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GNA wants to hook you up with a special Valentine's Day gift package this week. It includes $100 to Delmonico's Restaurant, and $50 to Her Underthings to help set the mood. In addition, a local country singer will perform the special Valen-Rhyme sung for you and your loved one to keep forever, based upon the specific details and quirks that make you the couple that you are.  This year, we are very lucky to have the talented David J on board to perform your special song on-air this Friday morning.

David J is a 17 year old Country/Pop recording artist and producer from Rotterdam, NY. His grandfather – who is also musically talented – put a guitar in David’s hands 4 years ago.  David has played shows at some of the top venues in New York and Nashville, TN, he also won The Country Showdown in 2017 and 2019 .  David has performed shows all over the Capital Region - and the country - and has been featured on many WGNA shows.  He's a terrific, young, home-grown talent and his latest single "Stay" has thousands of listens on radio, streaming services and on YouTube.

Photo: David J Facebbok
Photo: David J Facebook

3 entries will be chosen and all will receive the same package. If your entry is chosen for our special Valen-Rhyme, it will be sung and performed on the air with Brian and Chrissy in the Morning on GNA for the whole Capital Region to hear. Plus, you'll get that special romance package including dinner and lingerie.

Happy Valentine's Day and Good Luck from 107.7 GNA.

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