I turned on ESPN to watch a little baseball Wednesday night, and didn't even notice the score between the Red Sox and the A's.  The only thing I noticed was a ginormous banner hanging from the Green Monster that read "Racism is as American as Baseball".

According to ESPN.com, the banner was up for a few minutes. While it was unfurled, there was a spattering of boos from the crowd as Red Sox security forced them to remove it and escorted the people from their seats. It was not immediately clear what the fans' intentions with the sign were. Racism is nothing new to Beantown.  Athletes have made claims that visiting Boston as an opponent isn't always a pleasant experience.  Vulgarities, racist comments, and peanuts have been hurled toward African American players leading to increased security at ballparks and stadiums.

Oakland Athletics v Boston Red Sox
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images


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