fenway park

A View From The Ballpark This Dad Will Never Forget
A little over 4 years ago, when I first told my dad that he was going to be a granddaddy to a little boy, I had a hard time holding back tears.  I think he did too.  Moments later he went upstairs to the attic and came down with a little piece of my childhood. He appeared a few minutes later holding…
Formica Hits Homerun With Anthem At Fenway Park (VIDEO)
Shaker High School senior Moriah Formica has been on some journey for the last year or so.  After she was prominently featured on NBC's 'The Voice'  she's been able to  parlay that into some incredible live performances at some historic venues. The other evening was one to remember when the Latham p…
Enormous “Racism” Banner Draped At Red Sox Game (PIC)
I turned on ESPN to watch a little baseball Wednesday night, and didn't even notice the score between the Red Sox and the A's.  The only thing I noticed was a ginormous banner hanging from the Green Monster that read "Racism is as American as Baseball".
Confessions Of A Concert Addict
My friend Tracy loves concerts. No, I mean really really loves concerts.  It seems like every time she adds a new photo to Instagram or Facebook, she's literally in the front row or in the pit. She travels too, whether its New York, Boston, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Long Island or Virginia; the par…
Woman Critically Injured At Fenway Park Is Expected To Survive
Fenway Park was the scene of one of the most tragic and completely freak accidents to happen at a baseball game. 44 year old Tonya Carpenter was sitting near the field between home plate and third base with her son and a friend when the most unlikely of tragedies happened. Tonya Carpenter was struck…
Triple Play At Fenway
We always say that Fanatics have the most fun at 1077 'GNA. The members get to enter exclusive contests just there for them, and win things that nobody else can. We have totally given our WGNA.com Fanatics a chance to win the coolest concert giveaway ever.
Yankees And Red Sox Rekindle The Rivalry Today
This is a great baseball weekend because the Boston Red Sox will celebrate Fenway Parks 100th Birthday by hopefully getting swept by the New York Yankees. Neither team has started out that hot, but none of that matters when these rivals face off.