No it's not a concert, sporting event, food or beer festival or a celebrity. This 'thing' doesn't cost money (yet we do tend to spend a little money when it arrives) and man we've waiting a long freakin' time to see it.  What is this rare, Capital Region appearance that I'm speaking of?  Take a look you see it yet? How will you be enjoying it?

The SUN!  Yes that star is the center of the Solar System, the perfect sphere of hot plasma that is the most important source of energy for life on Earth.  It's finally here! After what felt like 110 days of January, we're finally getting a glimpse of Spring here in the Capital Region.  With temps today nearing 60 and tomorrrow pushing the mid-60's we'll finally get a bit of a reprieve from the dreadful Winter that would not go away!

Find a park, a patio, a porch, crack open the windows in the house, take a nice drive with the windows down, or enjoy your kids' outdoor games this weekend without having to bring gloves or hand warmers.  It is Spring after all, but who knows how long this Spring-like weather will last.


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