Because of the Clean Indoor Air Act which banned smoking in several public places, many people that smoke cigarettes have been using e-cigarettes when they’re in a restaurant or bar.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

That may coming to an end, at least in Albany County.

A recent vote to ban e-cigarettes indoors in Albany County was passed by the Albany County Legislature. The ban will cover many of the same places that the 2003 Clean Indoor Air Act covers.

Several political figures expressed a concern about some of the chemicals that are in the e-cigarettes. There’s also a concern in favor of bar and restaurant operators to eliminate some possible confusion that the e-cigarettes cause when the establishment owners and operators attempted to enforce the traditional smoking ban.

According to the article in The Times Union, there’s still one more thing - That’s the signature of Albany County Executive Dan McCoy, who banned e-cigarettes anywhere around and inside all Albany County buildings.

If the e-cigarette ban becomes a reality, the violators could be facing some hefty fines.