(Warning- this is not for kids) --I'm not sure if you ever heard this song before. Personally, I haven't until now.  It's pretty warped and dark humor (again, fair warning for the children out there), but would love your opinion as to how effective you think it would be as a tool to prevent accidents.The song ws  produced by an advertising agency in Melbourne Australia as a way to teach people to be safe around their Metro trains. Take a listen to this, and then I have a question for ya'll.

I guess the question is simple: do you think this song and ad campaign would have any effect on preventing accidents? Me neither, but according to Wikipedia, they claim that it contributed to more than 30% reduction in near miss accidents. This video was viewed 4.7 million times in three days when it debuted in 2012. To date, according to YouTube, I see it's been viewed 66 million times!  Amazing, huh?

Well, be safe out there, and don't be dumb.  (Now I'm going to have this song in my head all night!)


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