Did you ever have one of those "don't even ASK me how my weekend was" kind of weekends? Hate to whine here, but this might be one of the more painful blogs ever...ready for a tale of woe?  (BTW-if you ever want to tell me about your problems, I'll be glad to read your blog!

So first and foremost, we've had alot of work done on our house.  And right after the completion of said work, I look up from our kitchen table, and then.....um...well.  OK, I can't even type it, I'm so upset.

Then there was the dishwasher.  I stuck my head inside because there's something disgusting inside it that's so bad that I...I.... I can't even describe it....

And right after that, I ripped the handle off the.......man--sorry.  I'm having a really bad time verbalizing this too.  What's wrong with me today???

Then my son had a REAL bad experience with his car---(he won't even LET me take a picture of THAT!!!)

My only way to relieve stress in these situations is to rhyme.  I know this is a huge surprise to you, but that's how I "vent".  So I did just that this morning, and I feel much much better, thank you

Again, if you are having a similarly lousy time, please feel free to share.  Misery loves company.   Not good to keep it in!!!