Growing up, we were always expected to do chores around the house. Now with technology, there is an easier way to ensure that your kids will do their chores and be held accountable. There's an app for that. When we were younger, there were expected to pitch in around the house. My mom even set up a fun game where we would pick out of a hat as to which chores we were required to do for the week. Once we picked, those were the chores we had to do, no questions asked.

According to WIVB, a couple has designed a new app that allows parents to keep tabs on chores that you have asked your kids to do. It's appropriately called the Chorez app.

It can be customized as to which chores are offered, they pick the chore and how much they can earn. Then when they are complete, they upload a before and after picture. The app also gives the kid a pre-paid Mastercard that hooks into their parent's bank account.

Do you think this app is a good idea?

Side note: When I was growing up, we never got paid for chores or received an allowance, our allowance was that we were allowed to live there. :)

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