This morning we talked all about the chores that we secretly love to do! We can't actually admit out loud that we love to make our bed or clean the bathroom, but secretly it makes us feel really good inside.

A new survey found what the average woman does around the house every week. Here are some pretty interesting stats.

1.  We clean the house three times a week.

2.  We cook up to an hour a day... but secretly hate it (except for I don't!).

3.  We secretly LIKE vacuuming (because of the lines on the floor).

4.  We spend five hours a week doing laundry.

5.  We change the sheets at least once every two weeks.

6.  We only really scrub the toilets before people are coming over.

7.  We hate letting the dog on the bed, but is okay with him being on the couch.

8.  We don't fully trust our husbands to do anything (duh).

Our listeners called to tell us what chores they secretly love. We got all kinds of answers from snow shoveling to ironing! And a lot of people agree with me, that those vacuum lines on the floor are so, so, satisfying!

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