• 1

    They're confused about this 'Egg' they keep seeing/hearing about

    Yeah, we may be a little confused about it too, but we just stopped asking years ago.

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  • 2

    They'll call the Northway '87' or 'I-87.'

    When you explain it to them, they ask  'why is there no Southway?'

  • 3

    Upon arriving here, they go apartment or house hunting in Saratoga Springs.

    They realize later that Clifton Park or Troy is much more affordable.

  • 4

    They've never been to a horse track.

  • 5

    They ask if you want to drive to the "city" and do some shopping.

    Nobody I know drives to NYC for anything. We take the train or don't go. It's as simple as that. We aren't as close to the city as outsiders think we are.



  • 6

    They've never celebrated tulips before.

  • 7

    They ask where Chic Fil-A or Wegmans is.

  • 8

    They want to order pizza from Papa John's or Pizza Hut

    Stop right now...it's Paesan's or I Love New York (or any of the 8000 or so non-chains throughout the 518). How dare you....