You probably put away your snow shovels and ice scrapers but just because it's June, doesn't mean snow is completely out of the forecast.

Snow. It's a four-letter word to us New Yorkers after about April but just because we don't like it, doesn't mean it's not a possibility. Is there snow in our forecast? Not that I'm seeing anytime soon, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

Looking back through The Farmer's Almanac, Albany's snow past is quite historical. Back in 1816, they called it the "Year Without a Summer." In May, there were late frosts that ruined most crops in upstate New York, as well as certain parts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

On June 6th in 1816, which is on the calendar only a few days ago, there was snow in Albany as well as Dennysville, Maine. “The Sun’s rays seemed to be destitute of heat throughout the summer; all nature was clad in a sable hue.” –Albany (N.Y.) Almanac, 1852. Can you imagine waking up tomorrow morning and seeing snow on the ground? Be happy that we don't/shouldn't have to worry about that this year. Rain, maybe, but snow looks like it's holding off until later in the year.

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