I would think that anyone with a soul of their own would agree that dogs have one too.  They're not just a piece of property.  And there's a woman out there who is out to prove it by suing a pet store.  Interesting case!

According to the Mother Nature Network a woman bought a $1000.00 dog and later discovered that it had major health problems.  The place she got if from allegedly had a 14 day return policy, but the problems didn't show up until a few months after she bought the puppy, so she has no recourse.  She's fighting it of course.


Sorry.  I say "case closed", based on what I've read.  I don't think this is one of those "let the buyer beware" type cases.  When you are buying a pet from a boutique at boutique prices, you wouldn't think that you would have to incur another $4000 in vet bills, especially if she can prove that it was a "puppy mill" animal.

You can read the whole case in the article once again at Mother Nature Network.    The big question is "do dogs actually have a soul, or are they just property, like buying a car, or a boat, or a mattress?  Scroll down...

Now you tell me!  (this was an abandoned animal, by the way!)

What's your feeling on this issue?  Would love to know!