You think YOUR boss has ridiculous rules and regulations?  This takes the cake!

According to , the owners of a factory in China timed out their workers bathroom breaks, and limited them to two minutes a piece.   But a slight revolt broke out at the Shanghai Shinmei Electric Company.  The workers didn't take to it too well and held their bosses HOSTAGE - and for a little more than 2 minutes.  Actually a whole day.  According to the article...

A security guard at the plant explained that the workers "demanded the scrapping of the ridiculously strict requirements stipulating that workers only have two minutes to go to the toilet and workers will be fined [$8] if they are late once and fired if they are late twice."


Peter Mokaba Stadium FIFA Inspection
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I guess there were 300 police officers there to watch the festivities.

Actually, I'm thinking of going on strike myself.  Many times we only have 31/2 minutes (the length of a typical country song) to use the facilities.  I have asked our music director to put a nice long song like "American Pie" into the rotation so we have longer, but he has refused.

(OK, that was a joke) .         2 minutes?  It takes me 2 minutes to GET to the bathroom.    What crazy rules do you have in your office?  Would love to know!


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