I never knew that it was more difficult for Dads to bring their kids out to public places. Their concerns have been addressed and now the state has introduced a new law to ensure it will be better for Dads. There is a new law on the books in 2019 that makes it easier for Dads all over the state to be able to bring their kids in a public restroom and have the same amenities that moms do in theirs.

The new New York state law that went into effect on New Year's Day will now require changing stations in public restrooms. According to Fox 5 NY, all new or renovated buildings in New York state with bathrooms that are accessible to the public must provide a safe and compliant changing table that are equally accessible to men and women.

This law includes businesses, restaurants, movie theaters and stores. It also applies to state facilities too including the DMV and parks. The places will be required to have at least one changing table available to both genders.

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