Politics is a hot-button issue no matter which topic you're talking about. The Governor just added a new requirement to public school bathrooms and the argument I've been seeing trending is pretty interesting.

I've seen the discussion on the internet about menstrual products being free for women. These are products that women need, due to an uncontrollable bodily function. The argument has stated that there are some voluntary products for men covered when women have to pay extra for menstrual products.

Governor Cuomo has announced via Twitter that New York State schools are required to supply free menstrual products to girls grades 6-12, according to Babble. They say:

“In New York, 42 percent of children live in low-income families,” the press release explains. “At $7 to $10 per package, a month’s supply of something as simple as a box of pads or tampons can be one expense too many for struggling families.” According to the release. the United Nations even considers lack of access to menstrual hygiene products to be a “human rights” issue.

I think this also is more than just providing the products to girls, it's also normalizing their biology and realizing that it's just as normal as going to the bathroom. There's a strange stigma over the menstrual cycle and now its products will be just as common as toilet paper.

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