As election day gets underway Bethany and I were wondering if it were just WGNA listeners voting, who would win the Presidency of the United States. So, why don't we find out with a simple anonymous poll that you can take right now.

Here is the thing though, I want this to really reflect how we are all voting today so I only want those who have or actually will be voting today to participate. It will be like our very own listener "exit poll". As with all elections each of you can vote once and only once. You can even "write in" a candidate if you want to.

We will do our best to keep you updated all morning as to how the results and how they are changing and which way the WGNA listeners are leaning.

Remember this is just for fun and should in no way effect how you yourself will actually vote today in the real election. We all have to vote or own belief and conscious but one thing is for sure, you should definitely get out there and vote! Voting is one of the greatest rights and responsibilities we have as Americans.

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