I was at lunch with some friends today when I looked up at the screen at the restaurant. Hillary Clinton was having a campaign rally and our President, Barack Obama was speaking on her behalf.

He was dressed down a bit more than we’re used to seeing him. He was more relaxed, more laid back, and more chill.  And, if I do say so myself... kinda attractive!  Fine, I'll admit it... I did a double take!

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This slight crush got me thinking... is it disrespectful to dig on the president of the United States?

I mean no, right?  Because of like Kennedy, and Clinton and their interns and special friends, right?

So why did I feel so weird to be like, yeeeeeaaaahhhh?

President Obama
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I asked my friends who were sitting at the table if it was a big deal, and one of them noted that she thought being hot was a prerequesite for being president these days.

Which brings me to another point.  We're about to make a choice between two of the oldest candidates for president that we've ever had.  And, considering the looks of both candidates are super polarizing, attractiveness is seeminly not a thing during this election.  So, maybe it doesn't really matter what our Commander in Cheif looks like.  But it seems odd that in a society so obsessed with beauty, that the way our candidates look this go-around doesn't seem to matter!

So, do you think a president needs to be attractive?  Do you think POTUS is a little bit hot??  Or, is there a different pres that you've been crushing on?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Win McNamee/Getty Images
Win McNamee/Getty Images

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