It's a long shot and I think people realize that. But, there are people so dead set on Donald Trump not moving into the White House that they'll desperately try anything right now. That's why if you're on social media, it hasn't been a quiet demonstration of protest and petitions.

The biggest going around involves supporters signing a petition to overturn those electoral college states that sided with Trump. Given that as the days go by Clintons popular vote continues to rise, it has confused many as to why the Electoral College is still a thing. (This happened between Gore and Bush, as well, but given it was before "social media" as we know it today, it didn't seem as grand as it does here in 2016.)

People have been relatively laughing off these so-called petitions online, but this seems to take it to the next level. Ya know that level that makes you go, "hmm, okay maybe this could happen."

Two presidential electors of the Electoral College have each launched campaigns to keep Trump out of office. Allegedly, Washington's Brett Chiafolo and Colorado's Michael Baca are hoping that at least 37 of their GOP colleuges change their minds and leave him high and dry.

Admitting, "it's a long shot" Ciafolo told Politico in a phone interview Monday, "it's a hail Mary."

To see more on this and if there is a true possibility, read the article here. How would you feel if this Presidential race took a never before seen turn?

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