As parents we are always trying to make sure our kids are as safe as possible. Code words are part of our safety plan and fortunately a girl thwarted being abducted because she had one too. Jenn and I are constantly telling Ryan about strangers and ways they will try and take him. It's a sad world we live in but we have to be resourceful and diligent. I was glad to hear that what we have implemented actually saved a girl from being abducted.

According to WIVB, an eleven year old girl in Arizona got away from a would be kidnapper because of the code word her family had. A driver pulled up next to her and her friend when they were walking near a park. He said that her brother had been in a really bad accident and she had to go with him. She asked the man for the code word. (This is a word established by the family that only they know so that no strangers will attempt to take them). The man didn't know the code word and then drove away.

We have a code word, in fact we have two. I got this idea from my sister years ago before I even had kids and I am happy that we do. It only takes a few minutes to teach your children and it could save their lives.

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