I think for most people turning 60 these days doesn't really change much. Most of our "senior citizens" are perfectly fine, high functioning members of society. But, there are the few that clearly have lost a little something along the way.  Maybe they have senility or worse. I can't say what they do "have" but I can tell you what they don't seem to have and that's people who care about them.

Many of us know an older person who needs assistance, maybe they don't  get around, or think as clearly as they used to. We take care of these people, they are our loved ones, our family members and friends. Sadly some of them do not have someone in their lives. I guess my point in doing this story is that maybe there is someone you indirectly know who has this dilemma. Maybe a neighbor or someone in your church.  Perhaps we could all do a little more to make sure our older friends do not wind up like the guys in this story.

Here form today's show is a clip of the " stupid news". It features a couple of men both over 60 years old who are now going to be facing jail time for the "crimes" they have commited.  Give it a listen and see if  you think that maybe it isn't them who are a threat to our society as much as our own apathy.

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